How can I enter MobilePay transactions in Altru?

When using Blackbaud's MobilePay device, users will need to enter transactions into Altru for reconciliation purposes. This Knowledgebase solution walks users through considerations and ideas for entering those transactions.
When using Blackbaud MobilePay, customers have a Comments section (in the same area while entering the patron's address) while completing transactions that can be used to notate what the transaction is for (ie- scheduled program name, merchandise item name, etc). This will help data entry when entering these transactions into Altru:
  1. Get list of transactions upon completion of the day or event using How to reconcile MobilePay in Altru.
  2. Add the payments to Altru:
    1. If the transactions are Donations and will be entered through the back office, they can be entered into Altru at a later date, as the Revenue date in back office payments can be adjusted. Go to the constituent record, click Add Payment, enter the date the payment was made in MobilePay. Enter the rest of the information as normal, but select Other for the payment method, then we recommend having a Mobile Pay other method.
    2. If the transactions are Sales Orders (for merchandise, programs, etc), users will want to enter them in Altru on the same day as they were completed in MobilePay for accounting purposes. Sales Orders will reflect the date that they're put into Altru and cannot be edited.  Go to Sales > Daily Sales, select the event and price type that the patron bought, then select payment method of Other, and other method of Mobile Pay.  If you are entering the transactions on a date after the event has occurred, How to sell tickets to past events.  Again, keep in mind this is not recommended, as Altru's sales order transaction date and BBMS's credit card charge date will not match, making reconciliation more difficult.

Note: Instructions on configuring a new payment method (we recommend naming it MobilePay) can be found here: How to add other payment methods in Altru. For more information about how Altru customers are using MobilePay, refer to our customer blog.


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