Soft credits do not apply to gifts created in batch populated with query

When entering gifts in batch for constituents with relationships marked to automatically soft credit, the soft credit is not applied to all the gifts committed in the batch. Only the top gift in the batch has the soft credit applied when the batch is populated using a query. 
This is resolved in 7.96, patch 6, released in late 2017 and applied to databases in Blackbaud Hosting Services. If your database is installed locally, download and install the latest version and patch, if applicable.

In previous versions:

Touch each record in the batch using one of the following: 
-Manually populate the batch or
-Click in every row of the batch or
-Globally change a field in the batch How to globally change a field in a batch
Once every record that should have a soft credit has been clicked, the soft credits will apply when the batch is committed. 

OR Manually add the soft credit to the gifts after batch is committed

Steps to Duplicate

1. Open a new Gift batch
2. Select Tools > Edit Batch Setup > Defaults
3. Enter default values
4. Click Data Entry
5. Select Tools > Group Add Constituents to Batch
6. Select query of constituents who have relationships marked to automatically soft credit
7. File > Commit completed batch, mark option to create output query of gifts, Commit Now
8. Open query of gifts from batch
9. On output tab, select Constituent Name, Spouse Name, Soft Credit Recipient Name, Soft Credit Amount
10. Results tab of query shows soft credit applied only to the first gift in the batch


 Raiser's Edge
 Patch 6

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