To create this list, navigate to

1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists
2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions
3. Click the List Templates tab​
4. Select the Absence Template Category
5. Click View/Copy for the Absence Export Report
6. Expand the 'User Base' Object
7. Expand the 'Absence' Object
8. Remove the 'Course Group' Object
9. Uncheck the 'inner' box to the right of all items in the 'Absence' Object section
10. Add the following Objects in the following order:
-Constituent Information: User Role
-Constituent Information: User Register
-School: School Year
-School: School Level
11. Select Filters
12. Add the following Global Filters by clicking on the '+' button:
User Role.Role Any of Student
School Year.Current Year is True
Excuse Type.Excuse is null
13. Add the following Object Filter by clicking on the '+' button:
Excuse Type.Excuse any of (add all excuse types)