How do I enter Luminate organization gifts in to Raiser's Edge?

I have organization gifts in Luminate Online, but they are not syncing to Raiser's Edge. How can I enter these organization gifts in to RE?
Organization records and organization gifts are not included in the Raiser's Edge Luminate Online integration. In order to move gifts from an organization in Luminate Online to Raiser’s Edge it will be a manual process that requires exporting the data out of Luminate and creating a batch for Raiser’s Edge.

In order to get the organization gifts out of Luminate best practice is to run a Transaction Details report in Luminate Online>Report Writer. Users often choose the following export options to transfer into Raiser's Edge:
  • Organization Display Name
  • Organization Address Street 1, Street 2, City, State and Zip Code
  • Gift Amount
  • Donation Campaign Title
  • Donation Form Title
  • TeamRaiser Event Name (if applicable)
  • Participant Name (if applicable)
  • Payment Method
  • Original Transaction Amount
  • Transaction Date
  • Billing First Name
  • Billing Last Name
Once this is exported from Luminate users can use this data sheet to modify and Import into Raiser's Edge or manually update by creating a Gift Batch.
  Entering LO gifts in RE.pdf

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