The restricted documentation and interactions role still allows users to access documentation under recent and upcoming activites

The restricted documentation and interactions role will remove the Documentation and Interactions tab on Constituents records but you may notice that user with this role are still able to directly click on documentation and interactions listed in the Recent and Upcoming Activities section of the Summary tab.

Unlike when a user is assigned the Restricted Constituent Revenue system role, the recent revenue and revenue summary are removed from the constituents summary tab. 
At this time, we will want to revoke the grant permission on interaction page expression view form from the event manager role.
  1. From Administration > Select System Roles
  2. Select the Event Manager System role
  3. On the Features tab > Select Assign Feature Permission
  4. Select the Interactions folder under feature on the left
  5. On the right under permissions, scroll until you see the section labeled View Forms
  6. Highlight the Constituent Interaction Page Expression View Form - Granted > Select Deny
  7. Save
You can also like this idea that pertains to this feature being built into the product:

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log in as a user with the Restricted Documentation and Interactions System Role
  2. Search a constituent with recent documentation > See that you do not see a Documentation and Interactions Tab
  3. See that on the summary tab you can select documents associated with plan steps


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