What is the required field layout for my Grateful Patient Solution file submission?

This article outlines the fields used by Target Analytics for Grateful Patient Solution, previously called Data Screening Bundle, processing.  Your Data Analyst will discuss this in detail with you during your scheduled set up call. 

Below and attached is an outline of the fields for the Grateful Patient Solution (required fields are in bold).  If you do not track some of the required fields, a column representing the field must still be present in the file.  The format of your daily file submissions must remain consistent once the initial programming is complete for your Grateful Patient Solution process.  

The file must be in comma-separated or pipe-delimited format.  The file name must be no longer than 20 characters and may not contain spaces or special characters.  The file name cannot change once the automation has been completed.  The file may be submitted as often as once daily.  After the file is created it must be uploaded to the Blackbaud FTP account setup for Grateful Patient Solution processing in the WPOT/IN folder.

  • Constituent ID (Duplicate records will be created in ResearchPoint if the same ID isn't used each time the record is submitted to a service whose results are returned in ResearchPoint (ie. Grateful Patient Solution, Affluence Insights, etc.)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Home Address Line 1
  • Home Address Line 2
  • Home City
  • Home State
  • Home Zip Code
  • 5 Optional custom fields, as set up with your Data Analyst.
If you wish to change your custom fields after your initial setup, you will need to schedule a call with your Data Analyst to discuss needed changes.

If you have questions regarding your field layout, please contact your Data Analyst or the Target Analytics Support Team (http://support.blackbaud.com).


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