Revenue Received total in Analyze is incorrect

When generating Revenue Received totals in Analyze users may notice the Gift amount listed is incorrect.

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Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into Web View as a user with Supervisor rights in Database View.
2. Sleect Fundraising > Analyze
3. Select Funds tab
4. Select any filters here
5. Place cursor over the Fund in question and note the gift amount
6. Double click on blue bar
7. In flyout window, click Create List
8. View Gifts in List
9. Click Save > in database view as a static query
10. Log into Database View
11. Select Query
12. Open static query created from List in Web View
14. Confirm number of Gifts in static query matches List
15  Select File > Export and export query to CSV (Comma Separated Value)
16. Open CSV and use SUM function to generate a total Gift Amount.
17. Note Gift Amount in CSV does not match Revenue Received total.



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