Typically, you will see the Addressee and Salutation fields appear as "Mrs. and Mr." when a combination of these conditions are met:
  • You have a name format that begins with [Title] and [Spouse Title] 
  • The female constituent is listed as the primary member on the household record
  • Your constituent records have an unknown gender
  • Your Name Format Options are configured to build Joint Name Formats with the Primary Household Member or Female Constituent first.
Here are some different items you can configure to prevent this from happening and to check: 
  1. When processing mailings, ensure that your Name Format Options are configured to list the Male Constituent first. All mailing processes (with the exception of Membership Card Processes) use Name Format Options to determine how the Addressee/Salutation fields appear when you process a mailing. You can edit settings in this process so that the male constituent appears first if Altru is building a joint name format. 
    1. ​Go to Marketing and Communications > Name Format Options 
    2. Under Name Format Options, click the drop down arrows beside the Name Format Option you're using in your mailing. 
    3. On the Joint name formats tab, select the option to "List the following constituent first when building the joint name format" and choose Male constituent from the drop down:                                                            
      User-added image
    4. Click Save. 
    5. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have genders specified on Constituent Records in order for ​this solution to work. You can import genders via import if you would like to quickly update records. See our related solution: Can I update gender on multiple records at once? In addition, this option will not work on Custom name formats as they are free text fields and not based on merge fields in Altru. 
  2. Edit female name formats to a different format such as [Spouse Title] and [Title]. You can also query on Primary Addressee/Primary Salutations that begin with "Mrs. and Mr." to clean them up manually. 
    1. ​ Go to Analysis > Information Library 
    2. Click Add an ad-hoc query 
    3. Select the Source view of Constituent 
    4. When the add a new query screen pops, from the left column, highlight "Addressee and Salutation" from the left column. From the middle column, drag "Primary addressee" to Include Records Where. Set this to filter to be "Begins with" and type "Mrs. and Mr."
    5. To also find Primary Salutations with the same beginning, from the middle column, drag "Primary salutation" to Include Records where. Set this to also be "Begins with" and type "Mrs. and Mr." When the filter is added, change the "and" to an "or." 
    6. Your final query may appear like this:                                                  
      Mrs and Mr Query
    7. To change these records, click Preview Results. Highlight a record and click Browse. You can browse to the Constituent record or to the Marriage Options page to change the name formats that need to be updated. 
  3. Make Male Constituents the Primary Household Member. Another option to fix this issue is to ensure that the Male constituent is the primary household member. When Altru pulls name formats for mailing purposes, if no genders are listed or specified in the Name Format Options area, the system will list the primary household member first. Your organization can make the male constituent the primary household member as an internal best practice: 
    1. Open the constituent's household record
    2. Go to the Members tab
    3. Under Members, click the drop down arrows beside the male constituent 
    4. Click "Set to primary" to make that constituent the primary.                  
      Change primary constituent on household