Adding gift to existing account through Giving does not tick Gift Aid eligible automatically when gift should be eligible

When adding a gift through Giving, and after you select the existing account that you want to add the gift to- You will notice that the gift aid eligible tick box is not ticked. Therefore, for users who do not know that the account actually has a valid gift aid declaration, they are more likely to loose out on Gift Aid. 

Through the Giving tab adding a gift/ or pledge, it does not work the same as it does when adding a journal entry through a constituents Journal because when adding a gift through this way, Gift Aid Eligible is automatically ticked when the constituent has a valid declaration. 
We are currently evaluating this situation and will update this article when we have more information. In the meantime, please use the steps listed below to mark eligible gifts:
  1. Click Giving 
  2. Select Add Gift/ or Pledge
  3. Click Search for an Account
  4. Search for and click on an Account you know that has a valid declaration
  5. Select the Journal Tab
  6. Search through their journal to see if they have a valid declaration
  7. Go back to adding Gift/ or Pledge and Mark Gift Aid Eligible if constituent has a valid declaration


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click into Giving
  2. Select Add Gift/ or Pledge
  3. Select an Account that you know has a valid Gift Aid Declaration (Account number 55, Derek Marr)
You will notice while filling out the Gift/ or Pledge that the Gift Aid Eligible box is not ticked, it does not tick even when you select the Account you want to add the Gift to. 



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