If multiple databases are active for an organization, the user can be switch between these databases via the drop-down menu at the top of the screen next to your product.

multiple databases

*Note* in order to view multiple databases a user will need to be invited to both web views.

Please review the following browser behaviors and keep these in mind when accessing multiple databases:
  • To access multiple RE databases at the same time from your browser, you must be logged in as the same user (who has access/an auth ID to those databases). 
  • You cannot be logged in as different users on different tabs of the same browser.
  • When you sign in to the first tab of a browser, every tab afterward points to the same tenant/user combination. You must change databases from each tab.
  • When you sign out of one tab in a browser, you automatically sign out of all of them. Therefore, you cannot log out of one database on one tab, without logging out of all the tabs.  
  • You can be logged in as different users in different browsers (Chrome = user A, Firefox = User B).