How to add an auto-processing pledge

When a donor plans to fulfill their pledge with credit card or EFT transactions, it is easiest to set up the pledge to auto-process payments. This will charge the card or account for the desired amount according to the schedule until the pledged amount is fulfilled.
  1. Click Accounts
  2. Click Find an Account
  3. Search for and click on the donor's name
  4. Click Journal
  5. Click Add
  6. Click Gift/Pledge
  7. Enter in the Date, amount into the Pledged field, Fund, and any other details about the pledge
  8. Under Pledge Information, click Create Pledge Schedule
  9. Select Auto for Process Type
  10. Enter in the Credit/Debit Card or EFT account information
  11. Under Schedule Information, select the Frequency, First Installment Date, and Installment Amount
  12. Fill in any applicable information under Tribute, User Defined Fields, or Recognition Information
  13. Click Save and Go to Journal
The Pledge will begin auto-processing on the First Installment Date that you enter. Payments will process overnight, so make sure that your First Installment Date is at least the day after when you are entering the Pledge.



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