Error: Field is read only: Unit price - when generating AR transactions for grants

When generating AR transactions for grants, the error, Error: Field is read only: Unit price, may occur as a message on the exception report for a all transactions in the group
This will be address in FE NXT.

On the General tab, choose a post status of not yet posted instead of do not post. 

If the post status still needs to be do not post:
1. Before Geneating the AR Transactions, mark to create an output query of transactions created on the General tab
2. In Accounts Receivable > Administration > Globally change Records > Create a new Invoice line item change
3. On the General tab > select Post status > replace not yet posted with do not post 
4. On the filters tab, change Invoices from all to selected and select the query created in step 1
5. Preview Change > Change now
NOTE: Error: Assertion Failed: Active system not set in query server. Routine: LookupQueryIDByName may occur, but post status still changes.

Steps to Duplicate

1. In General Ledger Processing > select "Generate AR Transactions for Grant Expenses"
2. Click New at the top
3. Set the date to include all dates (to ensure you get some transactions), set selections on the general tab, and set the post status to do not post
4. Click View Transactions
5. Click Pre-Generation report
6. Receive control report with - These transactions were not generated - Reason: Field is read only: Unit Price


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