Error: Error parsing XML. [Required whitespace missing] - when deleting a username

When attempting to remove a user, change a users password, or change their username in Administration > Security a Supervisor may receive the error message "Error parsing XML. [Required whitespace missing]"
This issue can be caused by a corrupt user profile. If hosted in Blackbaud Hosting Services, remove access through Citrix or NXT: If the user name can be saved, remove the user's rights to the database: How to remove a user's access without deleting the user

If you are experiencing this issue in the latest version of The Raiser's Edge and removing rights or access through the steps above isn't an option, please Chat with Support and provide the following so the associate can assist you:

Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into the Raiser's Edge
2. Go to Admin > Security
3. Double-click on Sharon LeBlanc's login

4. Attempt to delete 
5. Receive the error


 Raiser's Edge

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