What is the function of the Multi Select Delimiter?

When we create an import template, the database will prompt us to select a Multi Select Delimiter. The drop down menu contains the following values: comma "," asterisk "*", tilde "~", semicolon ";" and pipe "|"
The Multi Select Delimiter informs the database about how we've separated multiple values for our User Defined Fields in the CSV file. When we prepare our CSV file for import, we can use one of these characters to separate the values within the cell. For example, if we're importing information about a User Defined Field for a constituent's favorite color, we can use the asterisk to separate values for blue, red, and green so that the CSV file reads "blue*red*green" to note the three separate values. This is only necessary if we are importing multi-select User Defined Fields. For information about how to prepare your file with multiple User Defined Fields, please see How to import a User Defined Field with multiple values.



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