Changes to Project Security access when using a Query are not reflected when user access is limited to Webportal

When using Advanced Security, it's possible to set both additional account and project security. Within the setup, it's possible to utilize a query to add to or remove access to certain projects, for example.  In this scenario, when the projects included in the results of the query change based on the criteria, the change does not take affect or refresh for users who only work in Webportal.
This is being addressed in FENXT.

In the meantime, follow these steps to refresh the settings so they flow into Webportal: 

1. Administration > Setup System Security > Open the user
2. On the Project Security tab, click the Project access drop-down and change the selection to "Prevent access to all Funds"
3. Click Save
4. Go back to the Fund Security tab and change the selection back to "Allow access to selected Funds"
5. Click Save and Close

Steps to Duplicate

1. In General Ledger > Query > Open the Project query used for project security > Edit the criteria to add or remove projects > Confirm the results are correct > Save
2. Log into Webportal as a user with project security that was just edited
3. Create a new WebInvoice > On the distribution, search for a project
4. Note the list of projects is not updated based on what is now in the query and remains the same


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