Email Marketing image folders only display first 100 results

When inserting an image into Email Marketing emails, only the first 100 images show up in the image folder, regardless of how many images exist. In BBIS, you can see all the images contained within the folders.
This can be increased by adding the following line to the web.config file within the <appsettings> section:

<add key="SearchListMaxRecordsDefault" value="500" />

The value can be configured to a max of 5000.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Email Marketing in the Marketing & Communications functional area.
2. Click Add a direct marketing email and select any export definition
3. When the email window appears, click the Insert image button
4. Notice that if the select image folder contains 100+ images, only 100 images are displayed.
5. Open BBIS and click Site explorer
6. Click Image library
7. Notice that you can see all images in a folder, even if the folder contains more than 100 images.


 Blackbaud CRM

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