Invoices not printed subtotal is incorrect when printing checks in Combination Check Printing.

The Financial Edge has several check printing options when we have more invoices that can fit on one check stub. The Combination check printing will print the maximum number of invoices on the check stub that is allowed, then will print the remaining invoices on a piece of paper. At the bottom of this 2nd page is a line for number of Invoices not printed on stub, along with the total of all those invoices.  The number of invoices will show correctly, but the total is wrong. The total is missing the 1st invoice in the list on this page.
This will be resolved in NXT check printing when printing the transaction detail sheet is available.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. In Ap, in banks, edit account details
  2. Go to Payments tab, highlight AP computer checks
  3. click the edit payment options button.
  4. Go to Print Format and make sure Combination check printing is selected.
  5. Click ok.
  6. Now go to print checks and record bank drafts and pay a check to a vendor that has enough invoices to use the additional page to list the invoices.
  7. look at the subtotal of the invoices on the 2nd printed page. Notice the amount is wrong when added up manually and the missing amount is the 1st invoice in the list.


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