Reminder letter has many added fields that are not mapped in export definition

With a reminder process that is based on an export definition the csv file from the reminder has system added fields that are not mapped in the export definitions.
These fields are added automatically as part of the export process.  They can not be removed before the export.  To remove the columns delete them from the file after it has been exported.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Administration tab
  2. Click Export Definitions under tools
  3. Click add and select Revenue 
  4. Keep the Amount and Date fields selected and click save.
  5. Click the Marketing and Communications tab
  6. Click Reminders under Donor Relations
  7. Click the reminders tab and click add
  8. Click the dropdown for output type and select export definition
  9. Search for the export definition that was created and click save
  10. Click the chevron next to the reminder and click start process
  11. When the process is finished click download output to a csv file and you will noticed many added fields that were not mapped in the export definition. 


 Blackbaud CRM

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