Discount availabilty and on-sale periods are working off the wrong timezone

When trying to use a discount that has a time dependent availability, you may notice that it is working off of Eastern Standard time rather than your time zone. You may notice that the on-sale periods for you event are also working off of Eastern Standard time rather than your time zone. 
This issue arises when we create the discount or event in the wrong time zone before switching to our correct time zone. Altru defaults to the Eastern Time Zone so the event or discount may have been created before this time zone was switched to your organizations time zone. To fix this, simply recreate the event or discount while the correct time zone is active.

Time zones can be selected in : Administration > Time Zones

Steps to Duplicate

(These examples are for the Pacific time zone)

For the Discount:
  1. Create a discount that works for any program, and any price type.
  2. Set its time availablilty for a time three hours ahead of now.
  3. Save the Discount.
  4. Select the Sales tab > Click Daily Sales
  5. Add a program ticket to your cart. 
  6. Attempt to apply the discount.
  7. Notice that the discount applies even though the availability is set for 3 hours from now. 
For the On-Sale period:
  1. Build a scheduled program
  2. Create an event for that program. Double click that event in the program calendar. Click Edit event.
  3. In the On-Sale section for daily sales, set the Date to today and the time for 3 hours from the current time in Pacific Standard time. 
  4. Save.
  5. Select Sales tab > Click Daily Sales
  6. Attempt to purchase a ticket to the event we just created.
  7. See that you are able to purchase a ticket even though the on-sale period doesn't start until three hours later in PST. 


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