Secure payment page displays old design or default template when HTML Comments are included in Style Sheet

You are working with an event registration form 2.0 or payment 2.0 part which proceeds to the secure payment page. When inputting a transaction, you may notice the page displays cached content/an incorrect design. If you create a new form on the site and proceed to the payment page, you may notice the generic secure payment page is displayed. 
If you review the Style Sheet, you may notice HTML comments are present. 

Payment page for event registration shows incorrectly (Master Article)
When HTML Comments are in the Style Sheets, this may happen. Remove the HTML Comments from the CSS Style Sheet.

If HTML Comments are not in the Style Sheets, please refer to our master article for more troubleshooting.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a new page with an event registration form 2.0.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Sites & Settings > Schedules.
  3. Update the secure payment templates.
  4. Submit a test transaction through the new event page.
  5. Observe the generic secure payment page is displayed.

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