Data from Another Environment Appearing in Audit Tables

When running an audit report for a table for which auditing is enabled from Administration\Audit tables data from another CRM environment shows there instead of\or addition to the data for the environment which the user is logged into from which the audit report was run.
This applies to self-hosted customers and is caused by SQL Server Reporting Services pointing to the wrong CRM database. In order to correct that, re-deploy reports and point SSRS to the correct database using these steps in the knowledge base article below:


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Administration\Audit tables and click the chevron next to the name of a database table for which auditing information is desired to be viewed
2. Click the Audit report button and make selections in the parameter drop downs as desired for date, user, etc. then click View report
3. Note in the User column that the user is a server that hosts a different environment and also that the data that was changed was changed in that other environment and not the environment from which the audit report was run.


 Blackbaud CRM

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