Made changes in design mode to a page in CRM that needs to be reverted.

If an individual enters design mode and makes a change to the page for example deleting a part on a record or a page, you can rebuild the part but it could possibly be missing some application features.
To fix this issue, if there is a staging environment  where the part still exists the following steps can be used to revert the changes:

1. Navigate to the page of the part within a staging environment of CRM.
2. Toggle on Design Mode.
3. Click the View XML button on the page level.
4. Insert the downloaded XML into the below script and run it against the production environment after testing first in staging that the script does not make any undesired changes.

exec usp_loadspec ' '

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to a record in CRM.
2. Make a change to a part on the page make a change, such as deleting a part.
3. Exit design mode.


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