We recommend that prior to running Credit Card Updater (CCU) for the first time you prepare your database by completing the following steps:

1. Run the Past Due Report to identify any lapsed recurring gifts or pledges
2. Mark the option on the General tab to Create a Gift output query 
3. Click Preview and name the output Gift query
4. Mark any lapsed or old pledges and/or recurring gifts as inactive to prevent them from being picked up by CCU

Note: The date range used to deem recurring gifts and pledges as lapsed would be up to your organization to decide

Once you are ready to run Credit Card Updater please navigate to the Data Health Center and select "Update Credit Cards."  Since it is the first time you will be running CCU, no cards will be updated at this time. All eligible credit cards will be registered with Blackbaud Merchant Services. Please note that Blackbaud Merchant Services only sends information you submitted once a month, so we recommend you run the Credit Card Updater process on a monthly basis. If desired, you can opt to receive a notification when your cards have been updated. 

For more information on preparing and understanding the process please see Chapter 7 of the Data Health Center Guide.