To create the list, navigate to:
  1. Navigate to Analysis > Manage Lists.
  2. Click the Manage basic and advanced lists block under List Actions.
  3. Select Add, click Create Advanced List
  4. Expand Constituent Information and select
  • User Base 
  • User Registrar
  1. Expand School, select School Year
  2. Expand Academic Group, and select:
  • Course Enrollment
  • Course Base 
  • Course Term (in the parent pop up box select Course Group.Term ID = Course Term.Term ID and click Select)
  1. Expand Grading and select:
  • Select Enrollment Grade
  • Select Grade Plan Grade
  1. Select the Display fields tab
  2. Click Select Fields, and expand the Objects to Display the following fields: 
User-added image
  1. Mark the checkbox for Enable Grouping Options
  2. Change grouping option next to User Base.User ID to Count (This will count how many grades a student has received)
  3. Select the Filters tab
  4. Add the Following Global Filters:
User-added image
  1. For User Register.School Level Select the appropriate school level you are going to be looking at such as 2016 - 2017
  2. For Grade Plan Grade.Grade Description Select the appropriate grade Plan you are trying to look at.(Ex: Fall semester, Quarter 1, Quarter 2, etc.)
  3. Click Preview to preview the list, here you will see students names and how many letter grades they have received
  4. If you would like to add the course title as a display option to this list, the count will no longer work, however you will be able to see what grades the student had received in the courses
  5. Title the List and Place in a Category if desired
  6. Click Save or Save & Exit