Default constituent restrictions do not populate on event registrant record

When adding a restriction from the personal info tab of a constituents record to a constituent registered for an Event the restriction does not populate the Event record properly.
This is intended functionality and is a result of CRM having two types of Restrictions.

1. Registration Restrictions - They are added/edit via "Edit registration restrictions" button.
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2. Constituent Restrictions - They are added/Edit via Constituent/Personal tab and can also be viewed/edit using "Edit constituent default restrictions" 
Constituent Page/Personal Tab/Event restrictions
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Steps to Duplicate

1. Register a constituent for an event

2. Navigate to constituent record/Personal Info tab

3. Add a restriction.

4. Navigate back to the event record and click through to that person's registration.

5. On the restrictions tab, notice that there is one restriction (image 1)

6. Notice that the information does not appear under type or option (also image 1)

7. It does appear when you edit default restrictions.


 Blackbaud CRM

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