1. From Tickets, Click Schedule Program Events
  2. Search and Select your Program in the Program Search Screen
  3. Enter the Event Details
    1. Name
    2. Location
    3. Capacity
Note: If the program has a location assigned to it, that location will be populated in the Location field along with the capacity of the program. You can edit these fields as necessary. 
  1. Enter the Date Recurrence
    1. Recurrence (choose single date for one occurrence, every day, weekly for something that happens on certain days of the week, or monthly)
    2. Date
      1. For Every Day enter a start and end date for the events
      2. For Weekly enter the start and end date and mark the checkboxes for the days of the week you would like
      3. For Monthly enter the start and end date along with the day of the month the events are needed
  2. Enter the Time Recurrence
    1. Times per day
    2. Duration of event
    3. If Multiple Times was selected for the Times per day, add a row for each of the start and end times (this can also be set up on the Start Time Pattern tab of this window)
  3. Restrict ticket sales to Memberships (optional)
  4. If needed select the Multiple Locations tab and assign any additional locations along with the desired capacity
  5. Select the Resources tab to choose any Supplies/Equipment or Staffing resources that may be needed for the events
  6. Save