Interaction Attributes Tab Made in Plan Does Not Appear

An interaction attribute value is needed to be added to some interactions, but the tab does not appear for those interactions that were generated from the plan steps. Even if the attribute is added to the plan step, it does not feed through and appear on the interaction.  The attributes tab needs to appear on all interactions, whether or not they came from a plan. Additionally, an interaction that was entered as an interaction can be edited to add an ‘event’. However, for an interaction that was generated from a plan, cannot be edited to add the event.
This is due to the system having different sets of forms (Page and Edit forms) and their workflow being different.  As an example, the Event field is not visible since 'Step Add Form' doesn't have this field. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. On a plan, add a step. Then mark it as ‘complete’ (or file a contact report so it is completed).

2. The step will become an interaction.

3. Go to the interactions (under documentation & interactions tab) and click on the summary hyperlink for the interaction that was just generated from the plan step.

4. There should be four tabs for the interaction: Details, Responses, Documentation, Attributes.

5. However, only 2 are viewable: Details, Documentation.

6. If an interaction is added directly from the interactions tab, the four tabs are viewable when the summary hyperlink is clicked.


 Blackbaud CRM

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