Even though the assignment has no letter or number grades associated with it, if the assignment is marked as Exempt, Incomplete, Missing, Late, or has a note entered for any students, this will prevent the assignment from being deleted.
  1. As the teacher, click on Classes and select the class with the assignment to be deleted
  2. Click on Gradebook
  3. Look for any cells for that assignment that have a red comment triangle in the upper right corner of the grade field:
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  1. Double Click on the Assignment Grade to open the assignment grade window
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  1. Remove any items that are selected or entered
  2. Click Save & Close

Alternatively, it may be that there is a number entered for days late which must be removed as this will also prevent an assignment from being deleted. 


Also, this can happen when students who were dropped from the class still have grades associated with the assignment. Select the 3 dots below the assignment> Select see performance summary. Click on where it has the number of students below high/low grade to see which dropped students have grades tied to the assignment. 


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