Tickets applied to membership don't show up properly in Total Revenue and Payments

When tickets are applied to a membership with contributed revenue to a specific donation, the Total Revenue and Payments report does not record the donation or the membership payment accurately. 
This issue has been resolved. If you are currently experiencing this issue please Contact Support and reference this article. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Memberships > Add Membership Program
2. Create a Annual Dues based program where the tax deductible portion is contributed revenue to a designation
3. Go to Sales > Daily Sales and sell admission tickets to a constituent. 
4. Purchase created membership for constituent 
5. Apply tickets to this membership payment using the apply tickets button 
6. Complete the order
7. Click Revenue > Total Revenue and Payments Report 
8. Ensure Payment method distribution is selected when running Total Revenue and Payments report
9. Notice that there is no donation section for the order you just completed, and the tax deductible amount is being deducted from the overall membership amount in the top section. 


 Altru Arts & Cultural
Maintenance in Progress: During this period, you can view your data, but you can’t add, edit, or delete data.

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