How to change the Regional Settings for Database View when hosted in Blackbaud SKY

If you find that your Raisers Edge database view is showing the wrong currency or date format, you may have to adjust your regional settings. In the Blackbaud SKY environment, you do this from within the RENXT web view. To make this change, please do the following - 
  1. Log into your NXT web view, either by navigating to or through signing in to and selecting RE NXT from the drop down menu at the top left of the display. 
  2. Hover your cursor over the drop down menu for 'Database view' and select 'Regional Settings'
  3. On the 'Formats' tab, set the 'Format' to your application language (For example: English (United Kingdom).
  4. On the 'Locations' tab, set the 'Current Location' to your applicable location (For example: United Kingdom).
  5. Click 'Apply'
  6. Verify that this now shows the correct date format.
  7. Verify that the correct currency is selected by navigating to 'Additional Settings'>Currency.
  8. When you are happy that it is set correctly, click 'OK' to close down the 'Regional Settings' Application.
Please Note : If you are hosted by Blackbaud in one of our other data centres, like Boston or Amsterdam, please see this article for instructions on how to change your regional settings.


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