You can do this using the following sets of steps. 


1. Create a Note Template

  1. Navigate to Enrollment Management
  2.  Communications> Select Official Notes
  3. Select +Add Template
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  1.  Enter a description for the template, such as Re-enrollment Contract Letter 2016 | 2017. 
  2. Use the User and Admission placeholders to compose a template letter. 
  3. Select Save & Close
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2. Create A Note Type 

  1. Below Note Types, Select +Add Type 
  2. Enter the preferred name of the Note Type 
  3. Under Template, Select the template created earlier
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  1. Select the Display,  Required, and Email checkboxes for  Parent of Candidate row. 
    • Note: This means that whenever a note with this type is created, an email will be generated and sent to the Parent of the Candidate. 
  2. Select Save & Close.


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