In Account Designer ensure the "Timeout Settings" checkbox is marked. We suggest 45 minutes for "Idle Minutes"  and 60 minutes for "Timeout Minutes". The Idle warning text should contain a message informing users they are about to be logged out and will lose all work that has not been saved. We suggest something similar to "You are about to be signed out please click "SAVE and FINISH LATER" to keep your work". The Timeout text should have a message communicating "Due to inactivity you have been signed out and any unsaved information will be lost". 

To adjust your Timeout Settings:

1. Log into Blackbaud Grantmaking (formerly GIFTS Online)
2. Click Launch > Applications > Forms Manager
3. When Forms Manager loads, go to Settings > Account Designer
4. Under Settings click Properties
5. On the far left rail, go down to the "Timeout Settings" section > mark the checkbox for "Enable Timeout"
6. Customize your Idle Minutes, Timeout Minutes and Warning Text.
7. Click Save and Close

*NOTE: This is a system wide change that will be enabled for all applications.