Why aren't my required contact field not required in my online applications?

When I create an online application my contact fields are required either for Primary contact or an additional contact but when the applicants go to the application it is not showing as required fields
This behavior is by design. If you put data or text in any of the contact fields they will then become required.
Suggestion is to emphasize that these fields must be filled out in order for the application to be considered by the foundation.
You can use the label option or add a text.

Note: If you select select Organization Primary Contact as your record type in the left column at the bottom of the list of fields, you can 
select: "Organization Primary Contact is required". These fields will function as other required fields (the asterisks will be visible in the 
Active Application and Preview)

Steps to Duplicate

Create any online application and add contact fields and make them required. Either preview the application or activate it. Open the application and go to the contact information page and notice the Required icon is not on the contacts fields.


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