Error: WRITETEXT is not allowed - when merging constituent record

When merging constituent records the error:
An error occurred during the merge process. The merge could not be performed.
General ODBC Error [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Warning:
Partial insert/update. The insert/update of a text or image column(s)
did not succeed.
Native error:0
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]WRITETEXT is not 
allowed because the table is being tracked for change tracking.
Native error:22113
This error is caused by image fields within the letter attached to the action. To resolve this error you must remove the image or graphic from the attachment on the action and then merge the records. Once the records have been merged the image or graphic can be added to the document again if needed.
To edit the Attachment, click the Word icon in the lower right corner of the Action record.

Action Attachment
Select any graphic or image within the document and delete it.
Go to the Add-Ins tab at the top of Word
Select Return to Action for XYZ
Click Save and Close on the Action record.


Try merging in the other direction. For example, if merging constituent A into constituent B generates this error. Try merging constituent B into constituent A.


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