Why does my user receive an Error #13 Type mismatch when performing Link to GIFTS?

I have a user who is trying to “consider” an application, but it happens with any application. When prompted to run Link to GIFTS, the user runs it. On the Organization link when using the binoculars to lookup orgs, they get this error: Error occurred while selecting records. Technical Support Info: [RecordsSelect] Error #13 Type mismatch.

How can I help my user resolve this problem?
If this error occurs, it is due to the fact that both GIFTS and GIFTS Alta are being used in tandem by the affected user. There is a Row Height value that changes and the change causes the error to occur. To undo the change, we suggest running the script within the .zip file attached to this KB article.

To run the script utility, follow these steps:
  1. Copy the GFWDoSQL.ini file you received to the folder (directory) where the “GIFTS” based application is installed.
    For example, if your installation is a network installation and the application is installed on N:\CorporateApps\GIFTS then this is where the gfwdosql.ini should be copied to.  If your installation is on a local workstation, typically, the folder would be C:\GIFTS\
    If a file by that name already exist, overwrite it.
    One way you can tell the file is copied to the correct location is to look for an executable file named GfwDoSql.exe (this is the program that will execute the queries.)
  2. Back up your “GIFTS” based database – this is a precautionary measure.
  3. Ensure no user is accessing the system.
  4. Using Windows Explorer navigate to the folder where the “GIFTS” based application is installed (the folder where the GfwDoSql.exe resides.)
  5. Double-click the GfwDoSql.exe executable.
    A Process Monitor window will open up and will display the queries that run until all queries were complete.
    If any errors were displayed, save the errors and send these to MicroEdge. This image displays a successful run:
  6. Dismiss the Process Monitor by clicking the OK button.
Note:  It is important that each of the queries included in the GfwDoSql.ini run successfully.  If any errors were encountered, restore your database from the backup created in step 2 above and contact MicroEdge.

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