1. Confirm that applicant can login to their account to view applications without immediately starting a new application.
       If Applicant logs in and sees a blank application refer to instructions HERE
2. Confirm the applicant has looked under SHOW "In Progress Applications" & "Submitted Applications" (sometimes they forget its already been submitted)
3. Have the applicant provide the email confirmation of the saved application. (if they don't have this there is a good chance it was never saved)
4. In Gifts > Launch > Applications > View Historical Applications
5. Click Search >Add More Options > Check Application ID hit OK. (the tracking number from the applicants confirmation email is the application ID)
6. Input Application ID you got from the applicants confirmation email and hit OK.
7. If nothing comes up try searching for the organization name. 
8. If still nothing comes up Click Applications again from Go then Retrieve and Manage Applications
9. Repeat steps 5 & 6 & 7