Recipient number in honeycomb is different than the count in the list

When viewing an email report in NetCommunity, the list view does not represent the value of the list at the time the email was sent. This can result in the list value being lower or higher than the recipients that were actually sent to.

Under the honeycomb area of the report, the recipient section has a certain number. If you click the lists and view the recipient count, you notice a different number. 

For Constituent Lists
The list number within the message report shows the count the last time the list was manually refreshed.
The number of recipients in the honeycomb report shows the number of recipients the email was sent to. The honeycomb value shows the most recent value, as NetCommunity automatically pulls the latest value for the associated query for the Constituent List.

You can manually refresh the list number under:
  1. Email>List
  2. Click the pencil icon of the list in question
  3. Click Refresh
Note: the next email you send with this list will have the update number from this refresh under the list of the email report. 
Note: the manual refresh will not update the number that shows for messages already sent.

We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

For Imported Lists
This may be the result of your CSV file including commas in the file. CSV files should not include commas in any of the data, especially the Display Name or Email Address Column. If you included commas in the data, it can disrupt the recipient count and reporting within the email message. 

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate if you are using a Constituent List associated with a query in The Raiser's Edge
  1. Log in to NetCommunity website
  2. Create an email message with any data source
  3. Send final email
  4. After email is sent check the email report
  5. Click the list link in the top right of the report and notice recipient count matches actual recipients from the honeycomb report
  6. Log in to Raiser's Edge and alter the query that was used for the list so that it pulls in a different number of records than the original list
  7. Navigate to Email > Lists
  8. Edit the list that was used for the final email send
  9. Click the option to refresh the email list
  10. Once the list refreshes navigate back to the email message report
  11. Click the original email list link again and notice that it has updated to the refreshed value rather than the original list value when the email was sent

Steps to duplicate if using an Imported List
  1. Log in to NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Email>Message
  3. Click the graph icon of the message
  4. Note the Recipient count in the honeycomb
  5. Click the link for the List
  6. Note the Recipient count in the List
    • Notice that the recipient count in the honeycomb doesn't match the list, and that the honeycomb isn't the list number minus the Not Sent. 

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