Fields are added to batch when transactions are downloaded to an existing batch

When a user downloads transactions from the transaction manager into an existing batch, fields that were not included in the batch are being added into the batch.
We are currently evaluating this issue and will update this article when we have more information.

While we are working, please perform the following steps once all desired transactions are added to the batch:
  1. Click Tools>Edit batch setup
  2. Click the Fields tab
  3. Remove any undesired fields
  4. Click Data Entry

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Click Batch>New Gift Batch
  2. Click the Fields tab
  3. Add your desired fields into the batch
  4. Click Data Entry
  5. Notice only the fields the user selected appear in the batch
  6. Note the assigned batch number
  7. Close the batch
  8. Navigate to the OLX plugin
  9. Click Download Transactions
  10. Select one of your transactions
  11. Link the transaction information
  12. Click Tools>Transaction Options
  13. Select "Add records to an existing batch or create a new batch with this number."
  14. Click the binoculars icon
  15. Search for the batch number from Step 6
  16. Click Open
  17. Click OK
  18. Click Process Transaction
  19. Open the batch
  20. Notice fields that were not in the batch when completing Step 6 now appear in the batch (i.e. Receipt Stack when we're working in a US database)

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