Error: An error occurred while saving relationships for [Constituent Name] - when linking constituents in ConnectRE

When matching and linking constituent records in the ConnectRE Matching Section, users will occasionally get an error that reads "An error occurred while saving relationships for [Constituent Name]".

Some users report this error returns a long list of records impacted.
This error can occur for a variety of scenarios. Please review the following:
  1. When the record being linked is in use (e.g. if it is open by another user), and changes cannot be written to the record. When you click the Link records button, it not only links the RE record to the ON profile, but also updates the RE record with any changes from Core. If there is something preventing those changes, an error would trigger, and the link will fail. This does not require any intervention, as the next time there is a change to the ON profile, it will still come down into ConnectRE, and the user will be able to re-link from the Key Metrics section at that time. Users should verify the impacted records are not open or in use (e.g. global change, import, batch process, or just viewing the record) on another Raiser's Edge workstation.
  2. In some cases, users will see ALL matches triggering this error, and no links being established. This error can occur in bulk when user-defined rules in Raiser's Edge prevent the Connect RE records from updating. For example, Raiser's Edge attributes are not a mapped data field in this integration. A Raiser's Edge configuration setting that requires attributes before saving a record can prevent these records from matching successfully. Unmark the required field and attempt to process the updates.
  3. If the error occurs when attempting to process two records with the same name (e.g., parent and child) the error will occur if the incoming record from Core was linked to the incorrect record in Raiser's Edge. For example, if a parent and child share the same name and you incorrectly link the incoming child record to the existing parent record in Raiser's Edge this error will occur. To resolve:
    • Navigate to Core and edit one of the records (e.g. Add a Z in the name field: zJohn Smith).
    • Navigate to Connect RE and ensure you process the record as new or ensure the record you are linking has not already been linked to another Core record.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into Raiser's Edge and select Connect Raiser's Edge from the navigation bar
  2. Click Match Now in the Matching Section
  3. Confirm your matches, or mark the incoming record as a new person
  4. Click I'm done with matching for now
  5. Click Link records
  6. Error triggers


 Raiser's Edge

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