How does the timeout/disconnect work in Azure

How does the timeout work in Azure
How long does my session stay active in Azure
For PCI compliance reasons, both The Raiser’s Edge NXT and The Raiser’s Database Web View will close after 15 minutes of inactivity.  For The Raiser’s Edge Database View inactivity means just that; if you have not interacted with the system in 15 minutes it will be closed. If you are in the middle of running a large query, export, report or import, these will continue to run in the background within your active session.  When you log back into The Raiser’s Edge Database View your session will be restored to its previous position and you can pick up where you left off.
Active sessions remain open in the background for 6 hours.  In the rare event that you have any processes in The Raiser’s Edge Database View which exceed this limit, you face the risk of being disconnected before completing, which may impact on the results of the process you were carrying out.  In the rare event that you have any long running processes which you expect to take over 6 hours, we recommend scheduling these via RE Queue.


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