This issue is usually reported by newly implemented RELO users or after a global update or import into Luminate Online. For investigative purposed users can navigate to the Luminate, Constituent 360 module and select the Interactions tab to compare the time of the RELO update to any changes to the constituent record. The Interactions feature in Luminate does not always carry update but in some cases is a good tool for verifying any activity on a record.

Another common cause of these updates can be triggered by newsletter of e-mail blasts from Luminate. If there is no username/password in the associated Raiser's Edge record (RE, Constituent record, Alias button) and the incoming RELO update contains a username/password update these are considered valid updates that need to be processed into Raiser's Edge. The primary reason for this is that a subsequent merge of these constituents has the potential of locking a user’s Luminate account by keeping the incorrect username or password from the merge (depending on the direction of the merge). Updating the username and password in Raiser's Edge is the only sure way to avoid this problem.