Submit an eTapestry eCommerce edit request.

NOTE This link applies only to customized forms and pages created by eTapestry. Customized forms/pages were created previously for a fee, and fees may apply to make the requested changes/edits. If you're unsure if a form/page was created using the standard eTapestry tools or is customized, check to see if you can edit the form/page before submitting a request:
  1. In eTapestry, click on Management > Online Presence.
  2. Click on DIY forms or eStore (Cart) or Fundraisers (options available will vary based on your subscription/added features).
  3. Click on the following to see if any edit options become available:
    • DIY forms: Review the list of forms. Click the Edit button to far right of the form's name to open its options.
    • eStore (Cart): Review items listed. Click on names of items to edit.
    • Fundraiser: Review Fundraisers listed. Click on the name of the Fundraiser (not the web address below) to open its options.
  4. If edit options become available, then you can make the change. If the form/page is not listed and/or edit options are not available, then it's a customized form/page and edits can be requested via the link above.