Support for Blackbaud provided WordPress sites is covered by Tier 1 and Tier 2 categories.

Tier 1 and Tier 2:

Tier 1 is provided by Blackbaud product support. Tier 1 can assist with the following types of questions and issues:


General usage of the WordPress site, including:
  • Editing posts/pages/widgets/etc.
  • Usage of the WordPress editor
  • Image uploads
  • Editing of menus
  • Linking content
  • Site administrative functions such as users and roles.
  • Site performance and down cases

For site performance and down cases, Blackbaud support will work with our third party hosting partner Armor Defense to resolve the issue. Depending on the complexity of the issue, some Tier 1 questions may require Tier 2 involvement through Blackbaud Professional Services. Tier 1 support will send the case to Tier 2 if deemed necessary. Tier 1 support is available during regular Blackbaud support hours of Monday-Friday, 8 AM - 8 PM EST. 24/7 support is available for down cases.

Tier 3 (Sustained Engineering/Design):

Tier 2 is provided through Blackbaud Professional Services. Tier 2 support is available Monday-Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM EST. If you have Ongoing Services hours, your hours will be utilized if the issue covers a change request to the website. Additional hours may be needed depending on the request type and the amount of hours you have remaining. The Professional Services representative will advise you if this is necessary prior to completing the work. Professional Services can assist with the following types of requests:


  • WordPress Core updates
  • Questions about third party plugin usage
  • Editing/altering the site design or template
  • Adding/configuring new plugins.
  • Training sessions