Step 1: Ensure you have the correct system roles
If you cannot see the Major Giving Setup, we will want to ensure the you have the correct system roles assigned. You will need the Prospect Manager System Role. If you do not have access to assign yourself this system role, please reach out to your system role administrator to have this role assigned. We can reference the follow the steps below to assign this role to users:
  1. From Administration, Click Organizational Units
  2. Click the Username who will be assigned this role
  3. On the System role tab, Click Add
  4. Choose Prospect Manager, click  Save
Step 2: Customize Homepage to show Major Giving Setup
If you have recently integrated your Research Point database with Altru, you will no longer see Major Giving Setup on the Prospects tab. We will need to customize your homepage to display this functionality. To do this, we can reference the steps below:
  1. Click Home in the Navigation bar, Click Customize
  2. On the left click Prospect
  3. On the right mark the box for Major Giving Setup
  4. Save