How can I sell add-ons online?

I need to set up, or enable membership add ons to be sold online. 
Additional Member add-ons and Membership Benefit add-ons can now be sold online. 

Set up the Add-ons within the Membership Program: 
  1. Click Memberships
  2. Click Name of Membership Program
  3. Click the Prices tab
  4. Click the Add button under the Add-ons section  
  5. Enter a Name, Description, and Price. If a new one needs to be added, click the paper icon. 
  6. Mark the checkbox to allow patrons to purchase multiple, if needed. 
  7. Click Save

Enable the Add-ons within the Membership Web Form: 
  1. Click Web > Click Manage Membership Forms
  2. Click the Arrow for the Membership form > Click Options
  3. Mark checkbox for the Add-ons. Can move these around if needed.
  4. Click Save


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