Daily Sales tries to refund the order discount amount when I apply a Guest Pass

When running a transaction in daily sales that has an Order Discount, you may notice that if you apply a Guest Pass, the discount will become an overage.
We are currently evaluating this issue, and we will update this Article As we learn more.

In the meantime, we could use these order discounts manually. To do so: 
  1. Go to Tickets>Ticket and Merchandise Discounts
  2. Find the Discount in question. Click the arrows next to the name.
  3. Click Edit, and where it says "Selected for Use," change it to say Manually.
  4. Save this discount.
Now, when you are in Daily Sales, if a sale should get the discount, we can click the Discounts and Promotions button, find our discount and apply it to the Order. If a Guest Pass is applied, the discount will be removed. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. First, we should make the discount. Go to Tickets>Ticket and merchandise Discounts.
  2. Click Add and select Standard.
  3. Choose for the Discount to Apply to Orders. It doesn't matter if the discount is applied Manually or Automatically.
  4. Click the Availability tab. Under Restrict Discount to Memberships, select a membership.
  5. Save the Discount. Search for a constituent that's a member of the proper program. 
  6. In the constituent record, click the Guest Passes Tab and add 1 guest pass to the constituent record.
  7. Go to Sales>Daily Sales and search for the constituent we used earlier.
  8. Add a Daily Admission Ticket to the sale. Make sure our discount has applied.
  9. Click Apply Pass at the top right. See that there is now an amount equal to what was discounted now labeled as an overage. 
  10. If you click the Guest pass and click Delete, the overage will deduct from the sale. If you add the guest pass back, the overage will be equal to 2x the Discount. You can continue to repeat to raise this overage.

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