Notes in RE7 not showing up in NXT

Actions and Notes entered into the Database view should also show in the Web view of NXT. Users are noticing that some notes do not show on some records, but will show on others.
If a note has an embedded image, it will not be displayed in NXT Web View. The Raiser's Edge does not support the retrieval/display of notes with images embedded in them. 

To resolve this, add the note with image as an attachment.

Alternative:  When viewing the note in Database View, if the Note Type is RE NXT Summary, log back into NXT webview and notice that the note will populate at the top of the constituent record just below the constituent's name.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Log into The Raiser's Edge and open a constituent record.
2. Navigate to the Notes tab.
3. Constituent will show with multiple notes.
4. Log into RE NXT and open the same constituent record.
5. Only some of the notes show in Web view.


 Raiser's Edge

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