Title shows in First Name and First Name shows in Middle Name field - after processing event registrations

After processing event registrations in the plugin, you notice the constituent's Title shows in the First Name Field and the First Name shows in the Middle Name Field. You want to know why the fields are not in their proper areas. 

Fill out an event registration form, with a shortened first name for the registrant information, the title field, and using a full name for the billing info. For example, Mr. Jon Smith is the guest, and Jonathon Smith is the card holder. When in the plugin, we reject the Title and long First Name of Jonathon. After processing the transaction, and opening up the participant information in the batch, we see that the Title has been added to the First Name Field and the First Name has been transferred to the Middle Name Field.
Typically, this is the result of a corrupt event registration form. Often, the event registration form may have been copied many times. To resolve, create a brand new event registration form part. Do not copy the event registration form.

If the behavior is persistent after creating a new event form, check the version of NetCommunity and confirm all components are on a matching version, preferably the latest version.

Steps to Duplicate

One known steps to duplicate for event transactions:
  1. Navigate to the event registration page
  2. Enter quantity 1 (or more) and click Continue
  3. For the Registrant Information, enter Mr. Jon Smith, and other guests you may have chosen, depending on the quantity
  4. Click Continue
  5. Fill out Payment Information, specifying a different name, for example Jonathon Smith, and click Submit
  6. Open the plugin in RE
  7. Click the Event Registration link
  8. Select the event registration to process
    1. If you created a new constituent, click Create New and Edit
    2. If you are linking to an existing constituent, click Find Constituent and link
  9. When the option to choose which profile updates to keep, reject Title and First Name
  10. Click Save & Close
  11. Click Yes, you want to reject remaining updates
  12. Click Process Transaction
  13. When the batch is up, select your row in the batch
  14. Select Gift>Links>Event>Registration Fees
  15. Select a gust and click Open participant
  16. Click the ellipses next to the Registrant
  17. Note: First Name shows the Title from step 3 and Middle Name shows the Name from Step 3.
After you commit the batch,you’ll see the same information when opening the event record.

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