You can only delete a registrant from a special event if there aren't any payments associated with that registration.
  1. Go to Events > Event Search
  2. Search for and open the event record
  3. Select the Registrations tab and click the drop-down next to the registrant's name there
  4. Click Delete
    • NOTE: If you don't see a Delete button, you will need to have the 'Delete Permissions' system role assigned to your username by your System Role Administrator.
If your registration was paid for with a sales order you will not be able to delete the registration. Sales orders cannot be deleted so you would need to cancel the registrant's registration
  1. Click Events > Event Search
  2. Search for and select the event
  3. Click on the Registrations tab
  4. Click the arrow next to the registrant > Click the "Mark as" button
  5. Click Canceled
  6. Click yes when Altru ask "Are you sure you want to update this registration's cancellation status? To refund the registration fee you must delete the payment after you cancel the registration"