Error: Error Compiling npo found fims gui GL B-CHART.W when compiling FIMS

When upgrading FIMS to a newer version the following errors may occur:

** Error Compiling D:\npo\found\fims\gui\GL\B-CHART.W
** Error=** More than 2048 items in a single statement. Use the -tok parameter. (136)

This applies if there are any compile errors related to -tok or -inp for b-chart.w.
Important: Confirm all users are logged out of FIMS before doing these steps. 

1. Go to npo\found\configfiles\ and open this file in notepad.  Look for the line with tok.  (If there is not a tok line listed skip to step 3.)

2.   Comment out the -tok line by putting a ‘#’ at the beginning of the line.
User-added image

3.Click Save to save the file.

4.Open FIMS > Tools >System Utilities > Run Procedure > Browse & highlight this file: NPO\Found\FIMS\gui\tools\update\updateWFoundPF.p"  > click open
  • After running the tool check and make sure that the file was updated by looking at the date stamp on the file found here:

5. Exit out of FIMS and re-log in. ( is read only when first starting so you will need to exit FIMS and re-log in)

6. Run the compiler to confirm the error is gone.  Tools >System Utilities >Admin Utilities > FIMS Compiler. You can just use the default values that come up when the compiler opens and then click compile. Let the process finish completely and verify that there are no errors.




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